Recommended Writing Contest as an interest to improve writing skills and rewarding…

Image result for writing contest images Writing contests on the rise for all the reasons. You choose the one contest you like to enter for your own reason. Our recommendation is for the interest to improve the writing skills at the same time should be worth your time and effort. Therefore it should be challenging to invest the time and be able to give it your best. Don’t approach any writing contest with the attitude of just to give it a try and hit in the wind. It is not a lottery nor a gamble. It can be an embarrassment that last forever. Whatever the contest offer as choices of writing categories choose the one that you can do best at it, and do focus on rewards. Read between the fine lines about the rules of the contest and reread ad many times as you can. is one of the best sources you can enter a writing contest that offer lot more than others.

One of the best rule to the contest is the normal requirement of any college beginner English Writing class and the topic is to write an essay about any subject with the minimum of 500 words and to exceed 1000 words.

Yes, it is about choices we must make in any contest where the rules can be to your advantage. Image result for writing contest images

on the other hand Freelance Writing is a more advance writing contest if you or someone you know looking to show off the writing ability and have challenges to meet from friends, coworkers, and family members. FreelanceWriting at


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