bike-boy-news-delivery Harbor Press Newsletter 11/04/2016

My idea to create something simple, possible to publish, fun, less politics and difficulties, creative, and something that everyone i know can relate to the images and text. We travel harbor Blvd everyday, almost everything most of us on the local level cross one another on harbor blvd. if it is The Wall Street Journal or the Recycler both arrived on Harbor Blvd.  Around the web and the world for any reason Harbor Press Newsletter was of anyone interest to read or browse it is of the most common reason which the name Harbor in relevant to The Marine Harbor. Either reasons are welcome. I came to a conclusion to practice what i preach, and i really wanna have fun so i don’t work another day in my life. Please visit us on

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Harbor Press Newsletter 11/04/2016…..A+ BONUS AN ATTRIBUTE…”IMMIGRANT JOB”

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