For the most part it is A+….and, if, but, than for some people coffee is not so bad otherwise the high commodity brewed everywhere…Video

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Coffee also enhance our pleasure centers, which boost our mood…and keeps us hooked.

“It can help you be more alert and reactive, but it can also help pep you up and impact your mood,”  Like most drugs, caffeine in coffee increases the levels of feel-good chemical dopamine in our brains. (Other stimulants like cocaine have the same effect, but just much stronger.) This can improve our moods and increase happiness. But for daily drinkers, this can create dependence, resulting in withdrawal symptoms when you go without—it’s why habitual users tend to wake up ey don’t get their fix.

Having a headache is a pain—literally and figuratively. Sometimes, they can be harmless, fleeting, and disappear without a trace. Other times, headaches may creep up and leave your noggin pulsing on the reg. And while chronic headaches can be innocent, they can also signify a deeper health issue is at play.

Experts don’t completely understand what’s happening in our skulls when a headache hits, but the most likely explanation is that something causes the blood vessels to swell, subsequently stretching the nerves around them and firing off pain signals. There are three primary types of headaches: migraines, tension, and cluster, Susan Hutchinson, M.D., director of Orange County Migraine & Headache Center, tells

If you do not experience any headaches from drinking coffee than you have nothing to worry about, and continue to enjoy your coffee drip.

Eddie Elchahed Editor…11:48 AM..10/15/2016

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