EXTRA! is a publication made available Bi-monthly both in digital and in print  EXTRA! cover the little communities issues and represent nusjournal .com  For over three years now we continue to co-publish for the little communities as much as the media put out of high interest to all of us. EXTRA! is available at magzter.com and in print via nusjournal.com posted links to printing companies offering best prices and best quality.SBMATTER cropped-1000W-1.jpg

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EXTRA! Nov and Dec 2016 Issue 6

Finally arrived the final issue of EXTRA! this year. Issue

EXTRA! September and October 2016 Issue “Connecting people to small business”.


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EXTRA! Disney Anaheim Issue July and August 2016

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My Connections Magazine 2018 Winter Issue

The first Quarter 2018 Winter issue of My Connections magazine

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