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Years in the making publishing books, websites, articles, press releases, magazines, and journals. Anaheim Publishing Co is the original name and the creativity behind all of that work both in digital and in prints. I have spent most of my life time in Fullerton a nearby city from Anaheim where i was content for years with the education institutions and the local government. Fullerton have a balance of the feeling that everything is local motion although where you can find an international culture, and the commitment of both University staff and the students to bring about the international business issues in the priority list directions. It is still a local college town by all means as visitors from everywhere roars the Fullerton Downtown on the weekend standing in line at the bars and clubs doors waiting for over an hour to get into the nightlife of this College Town, and woops i lead you to a secret that most local government executives and staffs like to call it City of Fullerton in reference to this college town, downtown, and fun town. Anaheim is today international Resort full of tourists from everywhere, going up and down Harbor Blvd from the 22 freeway to the 91 interstate highway shopping, asking questions, and taking pictures. Anaheim have Disney of course, but also the Stadium, and the Honda Center. What is in Anaheim most important is the people who work there, and live there, and do business also in Anaheim. People who are committed to deliver friendly atmosphere, workers with an obligation driven by responsibilities complete a job well done, and professional experience crisp public safety officers including the fire Departments, and the Paramedics. If one scream “Anaheim” in China you get more Ya respond than any other city in Orange County. Taking on the name for publishing, writing, posting articles, and all other means of public relation is adding confidence in my creations, writing, and publishing.

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