About me, my statement, and your confusion

writers-c cover-front-page-opener-oct-15-extra1Already determined that anger, madness, stress, illness, and fatigue or depression are extremely dangerous for and during exercising for fitness, it can and may lead to a heart attack. First on hand perception one must use positive thinking, the impression is more to be welcome of making a friend than one of an enemy or creating an atmosphere of threats and unwanted negative vibes.

It is to describe in a simple short instructions as: 1-look beyond hate, 2-race and economic sabotage,  3- use good judgement with precautions for any misleading ideas and thoughts.

The person can be telling about his or her experience and mutual agreement and acceptance based on his up bringing, her relationships,  and the willingness to agree upon interactive personal or and professional situation to explore what exactly the message is about.

A- example one, no surprise element that many of now much older baby boomers have experimented sex with girls of different color. Here the message is about to accept peaceful one interest in having a relationship with someone from a different group of color of skin.

Z- Avoid immediately the fast jump ahead everything about food and hate including skin color and religion.


For example: My childhood friend in the old neighborhood “Omar T” is white, with blond hair, and the eyes blue. In our neighborhood when he was in his early teen he fail madly in love with a skinny light blue girl. About the same age 16 years of age both. He also express his white skin to make him exist in the large community. His statement is a person from Lebanon living in the United State is about the agreement and acceptance of racial relationship other than have nothing to do with hate, or bullying others from a different color of skin. As misinterpreted, he was perceived as if he did something wrong to someone form a different color.

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Eddie Adel gradute school of business master degree in Marketing management from national University. Bachlor of Arts in International business with french focus.

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