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Place like it visit, Clearwater FL. or elsewhere, and browse about boats possibility

I once own 2 boats, i was told i should move to olympic city Washington because it hold the highest record per capita of boats ownership. I’am a certified...

Belly Flat, Health, Six pack, and video….

Get Fit For 2011 ,”Mybook Of Abs”. No more stubborn fat on my belly. Get fit for 2011, “Belly Flat SIXPACK 7,8” is Mybook of Abs full of abdominals...

Harbor Press Newsletter 11/04/2016 for local Edition News U.S. Journal

Harbor Press Newsletter 11/04/2016 My idea to create something simple, possible to publish, fun, less politics and difficulties, creative, and something that everyone i know can relate to the...

PWB Police Without Borders for 4th quarter 2016 issue

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