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CONNECTIONS December 2016 Holidays Issue 20

Print CONNECTIONS Dec 2016 Holidays issue 20 Print Please follow and like us:

Lebanon Royal Island. One Day trip in Dubai..View Explore Enjoy..

El-Mina Lebanon is the fisherman harbor of the second largest city in Lebanon. Also included is some of Lebanon cheapest islands. Please follow and like us:

EXTRA! Nov and Dec 2016 Issue 6

Finally arrived the final issue of EXTRA! this year. Issue 6 about small business local marketing, connecting to people, healthy diet during the holidays. Also a study by the...

CONNECTIONS October 2016 The new Presidency Issue 17

This is one of those issues that just take longer than others. Difficulties with everything. Finally here it is….browse, comments, invite, share……have fun……eddieadel..oh it is about our new president...

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